woolly wonders

We heard the sweetest of stories on the radio and we had to share. It's old news to many but it almost broke the internet with its cuteness yesterday as it got some radio coverage. There is a foundation based at Phillip Island here in Victoria that has been set up to protect and preserve the fairy penguin population there. In the event of an oil spill penguins are rescued washed, dried and dressed in a little jumper (OMG!) to protect them from the cold and also from ingesting any  toxic oil. It doesn't take much to hurt them, less than a thumbnail can be lethal to one of these little cutie pies. 

The jumpers are donated by knitters the world over and we are so on board this adorable express. Despite how busy the ladies of HML are (did someone say deadline looming?) we are definitely going to whip up a couple of these little jumpers, because we just cannot resist the sweetness of it all. You can find out more here and get the pattern (very beginner friendly) here. RAMONA

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