Illawarra ceramic artist Lynda Draper has developed a loyal following of people in the know about contemporary ceramics. So much so that her new exhibition Summon, currently showing at North Melbourne's Gallerysmith has been one of the most hotly anticipated events of 2014 so far. Draper has an international reputation as an object maker working primarily with ceramics, has been collected by both national and international galleries and collectors, and is an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics. Yes people she is the real deal, in spades. 

Drapers work in Summon is hilariously adroit. The 'portraits' in this collection remind us of a brilliant ceramic mind meld between the Mudmen of the Banana Splits Adventure Island and the Candy shop from the original Willy Wonka. But we might be alone in that particular pop culture observation.  

Draper is probably better known for her fine monochromatic porcelain sculptural works...

... but this earthenware and glaze work has kind of broken our brains with its greatness. We, like most of the 'ceramiphiles' of Melbourne have gone completely gaga over it. Seriously brilliant stuff and well worth checking out, and seeing as you're in North Melbourne you can always bookend the visit with a stop at Beatrix cakes for some peanut butter whoopie pies, red velvet cake or creme brulee tarts... see everybody wins. BECK 

until March 15.
170-174 Abbotsford St
North Melbourne. 

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