building blocks

Well the summer school holidays are stretching on in that usual way. kids underfoot, hard to get started, heatwaves etc. Not to mention an intense work period for Beck and I which involves us texting, emailing, phoning and typing all at the same time. The nature of collaboration for us at this time of year is all electronic despite being in walking distance of each others house! In between I've continued making little things, mainly gifts for friends and family. the blocks are for Mr M who works at the museum as a preparator - it's my version of an executive toy! The beards are for my sister in law's birthday -not 'til April so I'll make a little pouch for them too.

The log lady brooch (my favourite Twin Peaks character) was for me but Beck has made me promise to make her one. The doily bowl is to hold my newly acquired crochet yarns (I'm determined to MASTER it). The houses are a house warming gift, much overdue and the beads are for my daughter who as a 19 year old design student is very picky, but she loves these. None of these projects took longer than 30 minutes so they are all achievable for even the busiest bees. I hope you are all finding the time to make in between everything else you are doing. RAMONA

ps. clearly I'm loving orange and blue combos!


dell said...

I love Hope's beads!

Beck said...

You are killing it Ramona!!!