bakers dozen
image by Brooke Holm courtesy of Design Files
Regular readers will know what suckers we are for pots and patterns and given that local ceramicist Sophie Moorhouse Morris pretty much nails this brief we've been fans for a while now. Sophie is part of a new group of makers that includes another hml fave Chela Edmunds bringing their design skills and training to clay. And we couldn't be happier to see this new crop coming up with the goods. After recently being reminded again of how much we like her work at the Design Files Open House and Slow Clay Pop Up we've rekindled quite the craft crush. 

We love Sophie's clever colour patterning and the inclusion of mixed media in her porcelain accessories, the lightness of her geometric line drawn vessels and the graphic minimalism of her pots and planters. It takes a lot of skill to show such confident restraint. On her super cool blog we've found that she's also great photographer and painter making her a certified creative triple threat for ours.

Given all this hero worship we're pretty pleased that Ms Moorhouse Morris has been filled with the christmas spirit and decided to hold a 'One Day Mini Marche`! with Jen Booth in offering up a selection of ceramic, leather and jewellery wares amongst other 'nifty treats' to lucky visitors. Check out the booty above and you'll see why we've got our hands in the air crying HUZZAH! Clearly I'm going to need a longer Christmas list. BECK

Saturday December 21
10am - 6pm
7-11, Dawson Street Brunswick.

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