Wow what a weekend! Honestly we were blown away with how spoilt we are in Melbourne when it comes to makers, locations and events. We might bitch and moan occasionally about being too busy but seriously who would have it any other way, we are so lucky to live in such a supportive and creative city. Props Melbounre! As you know we had an itinerary that included Slow Clay in collingwood, Supermarket at CV in the City, and The Big Design Market in Fitzroy - no mean feat, but we were hydrated and ready.


The pop up at Slow Clay didn't disappoint, the shop space was filled with fantastic work by some of our favourite wheel people, we were bewitched by the garden furniture of Greg Hatton and the light pouring into the studio space made us realise that we were definitely signing up for classes next year.  Special mention as well to the upcycled chandeliers by Sally Anne Mill which totally ruled the roost and left us gobsmacked. What a beautiful space Jane has created. We will be back.


We had shopping lists for Supermarket at Craft Victoria, serious shopping lists. And let's just say we didn't leave empty handed. Such great work, so beautifully displayed we took home ceramic works by Kirsten Perry and both frocks and jewels by Alpha 60 but will are coming back for more at the opening festivus this Saturday (the 14th) where will also be filling our faces with free drinks and fairy floss - you have been warned!


We're calling this years Big Design Market a super sized success. As punters we were thrilled with the array of booty, the excellent food and beverage choices and the open dining and kids play areas. Product of the event has to go to Cottage Industry with her felt suburb and 'state of mind' pennants which will probably also win the award for the most commercially copied product of 2014. Just brilliant (and still available in store until christmas!) Most important however was seeing the collection of woven stars from Maryann Talia-Pau's million stars to end violence project. We seriously believe that having the results of this beautiful project at the centre of the space watching over everyone just totally changed the vibe of the event. Self conscious young hipsters (see above) and suburban mannas mingled happily without a sharp elbow in sight. Mind blowingly good. The old building never looked better, and we felt privileged to have seen them all together lighting up the room. there were so many peeps snapping pics we think Maryann might just have broken Instagram over the weekend. Top job team, bring on the next one!

Oh and in case you hadn't realised yet - only 14 days till christmas.
 *if you didnt get the title reference just sing it to the tune of AZZ EVERYWHERE, and yes I just put capital C Craft and Big Freedia in the same post. BECK

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