For the last time this year and with departing co host Donna (sob) we will be on the radio this morning talking up craft and design. Or craft calling itself design, or design wishing it was craft. With all the markets coming up we wonder where the word craft has gone?

We'll be letting you know about the big ones all of which are coming up in the next 3 weeks. 

Big Design Market, to Markit, to Supermarket and beyond inculding the much anticipated Design Files Open House and the return of Melbournalia.

So many things! We want all the things! It can be quite overwhelming this time of year. Let the ladies of HML help you navigate these alternative shopping aisles, this parallel universe department store.

Consider us you elevator ladies, guiding you to the right department for your gift giving requirements! We'll be on around 945 am with Donna and Kulja RRR 102.7 RAMONA

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