going bush

Pieces of Eight Gallery has developed a reputation for showcasing some of the most dynamic examples of contemporary jewellery and objects. Sometimes it's nice to see a 'quiet' work in such a beautiful space. I was lucky enough to see Belinda Esperson's new show Raw Detail on Saturday and it's one that needs to be seen 'for reals' rather than through the convenient magic of social media.

incredible hand crafted brooch like a deconstructed kilt pin
The installation was helped enormously by the design of collaborator Jenny Louey. A austere bush setting has been created with en masse suspended gum nuts and leaves sprayed white with Esperson's pieces nestled (almost concealed in some instances) like treasure dropped from the beaks of birds fleeing a fire. You can smell the eucalyptus as soon as you step inside the gallery, adding to the sensory experience.

It's important to take a closer look at the work. Perforations and patinas draw the eye to the smallest of points. The metal has been pushed to it's limit and some pieces have such a brittle and burnt appearance their robustness in the hand is a surprise. The show runs until November 9 and is well worth a look (and smell!) RAMONA

Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place
Melbourne City

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