Despite the insane Melbourne weather we are determined to catch the delectable pastel hued pieces in Sian Parany's latest outing CRUST at the Rooftop Art Space. Sian is a multi disclpinary artist from Melbourne whose work explores colour and form via the relationship between painting and sculpture and this collection is a perfect example of the success of her investigation.

In Crust Sian undertakes a bold endeavour to "both capture and recontextualise time". While we reserve judgement on the success of this aspect of her exhibition,  in the meantime it's great to see such aesthetic and conceptual clarity from an emerging artist. As a confirmed textile tragic I love her unique and assured application of heavy surface patterning balanced against the chalky lightness of the colour palette. The impact of this approach on the objects is surprisingly delicious and well worth checking out. BECK

CRUST is on until October 12
level 7, Curtain House,
252 Swanston Street Melbourne

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