over and under 

here's me channelling 1970's sci fi.
If you've been wondering why our posting rate has dropped off a little recently here is the answer. Weaving. We both thought by now that we'd be over the over and under but no... we're in deeper than ever. As our instagram accounts will attest, while we should be writing, testing and collating, we keep finding ourselves back in front of our respective looms doing 'just a couple more rows'.

and  Ramona whipping up a kilt pin mega mix.   
and more weeny weaving by Ramona
Interestingly as we've found our respective grooves, Ramona's work is moving to a smaller scale and she's experiments with square peg looms.

While I'm upsizing up the wazoo and wanting to work on bigger and bigger pieces, and getting back into using more traditional table looms.

What's been fascinating us is that although on many occasions we are working on the same loom with very similar materials our work couldn't be more different. I think given our obsession with tapestry weaving at the moment we are literally drawing with wool, which possibly explains why our results are so different. 

Regular readers will know I am more your flat geometric colour blocked design type (see above) while Ramona is very much your free flowing multi material experimentalist (see below).

Which is hilarious because its almost the diametric opposite of who we are as people. Or maybe it's not... One of our favourite things about making is how different aspects of your own personality and aesthetic sensibility are revealed within your output. Maybe we've discovered that crafting is a kind of hand spun psychoanalysis... Who needs Freud when you've got a skein of wool?  BECK

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