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I know that the majority of people don't share my obsession with all things Christmas so hopefully you'll forgive me that it's taken me 50 days to share these pics with you on the blog. I'm making a decoration a day for 100 days to have a completely handmade tree.

I'm documenting it all over on instagram so if you like you can follow me there, if not I'll post group pics from time to time here on HML. I've promised Beck not to ramp up the Christmas stuff too much until December (when she too also gets the bug!). Making a little something every day is really fun and quite the challenge. Looking over these pictures I can see themes (beads, glitter, gilding) but not too many repeats which is nice.

I won't be attempting this every year that's for sure but what a lovely way to lead up to my beloved season. I'll be giving some away too, to friends and neighbours and I'll be happily avoiding the terror that is the Myer Christmas basement store (well not often anyway). RAMONA

PS: My instagram name is monamadeit 

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Saskia (1=2) said...

Looking forward to following your crafty escapades Ramona. Love the painted baubles & wooden pieces in the 1st 2 rows of your 1st pic; and the 3 kings in the last pic! I love Christmas season too, & have plenty of crafty & culinary things in the pipeline. Not 1 a day though – seriously impressed with that ambitious idea! Don't forget the terror of the Myer basement is tempered with the gorgeousness of their windows!