We are moving to Iceland!

Well no not really. After the election results we certainly feel like moving (regular readers will know we definitely lean to the left, hard left, hard lean). But we'll stay, fight the good fight. We are worried about funding cuts to the arts sector (and education, indigenous services, health, and on and on).

Aaron Billings
We are going to take a a week off from the news and go and see this beautiful new show by three fantastic illustrators at Top Shelf Gallery. Beck and I both have a shared passion for illustrators and those can transport us into the mythology and landscape of Iceland are just what we need to soothe our ragged souls.
Auf Wiedersehen

Aaron Billings, Julia Trybala and Auf Wiedersehen have combined their inner worlds, maps, talismans and creatures from a collective dreamscape.

Julia Trybala
We think it's important for makers to expose themselves to different media and this one is perfect for jewellers, ceramicists, textile designers looking for some inspiration and to check out an alternative arts space that we think would be fantastic for craft and design. Now is the time to make things people. It will help, it always does.  RAMONA

Top Shelf Gallery
behind Deans Art
369 Lonsdale Street 
Melbourne City

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