remembrance day

For the 7th year in a row I have had the pleasure of being the craft judge for the Veterans Affairs Short Story art and Craft Awards. This will be my last year as technically your only meant to judge for 5 in a row. So this was an extra special and a little melancholy afternoon for me.

Entries swing from the sublime to the ridiculous but there is so much love and care imbued in each piece it can be an agonising process to decide on a winner. I've also sadly noted a slow diminishing of entry numbers as participants get ill or pass away. That said there were some new names on my list this year which was great. A community group got together and all crocheted afgans, most of which will be donated to the hospital as gifts for patients.

This is a world away from my every day experience of craft which can sometimes just feel like a barrage of pinterest/instagram/tumblr images of carefully curated craft as décor. Once a year I get to trundle out to the run down Austin Hospital in Heidelberg and get back to the origins of much domestic craft - comfort and remembrance. RAMONA

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elvis said...

That's lovely, Ramona. Nice reminder of the roots of the (our) craft community.