As announced last December this really is the year of the workshop - if for no-one other than ourselves!  Team HML are pretty besotted with the ladies that run the Top Knot workshop series, we loved their macrame masters class earlier this year which has us knotting up pretty much any spare cords into plant hangers, neckpieces, wall hangings ever since... So when we saw they were doing a kokedama workshop at the lovely Artifice of Williamstown we signed up immediately.

So hot right now Pinterest favourite and plant craft of the moment, (Google Kokedama we dare you) these botanical balls of goodness are actually hanging bonsai - colloquially known as poor mans bonsai and we love a bandwagon so as if we're not completely on board. Surprisingly easy in concept, but perhaps not so easy in execution we ripped through our first herbie versions (Ramona went mint while I went Rosemary) and found ourselves making grand statements to the effect that we'd soon be whipping up room-fulls in while waiting for the kettle to boil in HML HQ. 

The second attempt involving my indoor nemesis the dastardly cyclamen (see above) and little pieces of moss rather than big sheets - and we quickly realised that the more delicate the materials the more difficult the process. Enter two decidedly quieter and more focused ladies realising they had a LOT more practicing to do.

Still we're pretty much sold on this as a craft project - its cheap, fun and what's more useful! Here's Ramona's duo fancying up her hutch...pretty awesome for a first attempt I say - and hey, i've even managed to keep my cyclamen alive for nearly a week - a record so far!!! BECK

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judi said...

l couldn't help myself google l did
..looks like the right soil is the key..then getting the moss to stick looks tricky..love how the moss eventually covers the string...
well done with the cyclamen...but don't they normally have a short life anyway?
or is that my way of defending my own inabilty to keep one alive for long