Colour By Numbers

Its Craft Cubed time, so yes theres a LOT on. We've already mentioned a couple of satellite events we'll be attending over the next month but here's a couple of hit picks we have our eyes on for this week.

Centre of the ceramic plant universe Mr Kitley just keeps on delivering the goods. Their new Exhibition of Vases and Flowers features the work of one of our absolute favourite clay masters Cecile Daladier, and is jaw droppingly dreamy. Vessels built with the image of specific stems, blooms and arrangements in mind, they remind us of the best of old school ikebana and obscure european flower arranging devices like the tulipiere. Seriously Brilliant. Needless to say we want all of it, as no doubt, does the rest of Melbourne!
Mr. Kitly
Upstairs 381 Sydney Road

Second cab off the rank is the color coded installation at innovative  SO:ME Space. Entitled A Collection of Colour this plays to the retentive gene Ramona and I both share which sees us both re-ordering our respective collections on a regular and increasingly obscure basis. Brain child of The SuperCool's Kate Vandermeer, this installation showcases the everyday objects of South Melbourne Market retailers and plays with the emotive and cultural associations of colour to imagine new relationships between and tell new stories about, the objects, their use and owner. A great show for collectors, nosey parkers and organisers alike.

SO:ME Space
South Melbourne Market

And if you are looking for an insiders view of making then look no further than The Design Journey on until August 31 at Brunswick's Arbor. The premise for this show is one of our favourites - get a bunch of super talented locals together and offer people a peek behind the creative curtain, into the mind and onto the bench as the artists explore and document the processes behind their work. Includes the work of Tara Lofhelm and Melissa Miller (above). A corker. 
Shop 12 Sparta Place

More updates on workshops, free events, and makers coming up this week - in the meantime Happy hunting, BECK


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