It is easy being Green

We are really quite crazy fangirls of local printmaking heroine Rona Green. Her world is inhabited with pop culturally familiar cats, dogs, bunnies, birds. But far from the woodland cutesieness that has overun the post-hipster art craft and design world Rona's animals play tough, their bodies emblazoned with skin art that tell us about their sense of identity and autonomy.

Her new show No Cure for Life opened last night at Australian Galleries in Collingwood and runs until September 15. This Saturday there is a free artist talk at 2pm where you can see Rona in person and ask her some pertinent questions about her amazing work (unlike us who will just stand there gawking saying we luvs your stuff Rona Green!) RAMONA

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Saskia said...

Oh ace! LOVE Rona's work. There were a few big ones peeking out from windows around the Abbotsford convent (where her studio is) a while ago. So striking!