from little things big things grow

Forgive me if you are an instagram follower you will have seen these images before. I thought I'd share some of the holiday crafting we've been up to. 

I have discovered that my home crafting needs to switch a bit come school holidays. I need to make things with and for Thom and also share projects with Hope who at 19 is really starting to use craft as a form of stress relief from her hectic uni schedule. The fortnight started off with painting these three old fashioned wobbly wooden toys (you know the kind that bend when you push from the bottom?)

Thom thought they were hilarious and enjoyed helping pick the colours (amazing how little kids have the best sense of colour - we can learn so much from them as makers). I did most of the painting in the evening to try and speed the process up for him.

Hope and I have become completely obsessed with stencilling absolutely everything. We were particularly thrilled with our afternoon tea tray. Stencils are great for the domestic crafter as they give you some room to make design decisions in terms of placement and colour but you get a really sharp finish which is enormously satisfying.

I've also been experimenting with stitching on photographs. This is another thing that you see on Pinterest all the time and it looks extraordinary when everyone else does it, me not so much. Learning curves, gotta love em.

The ladies of HML are both obsessed with weaving and my latest little purchase is an old school 5 inch pin loom that makes the simplest of woven squares. It is a lovely things to use, very small and simple and in around 40 minutes you have a beautiful woven square. I'm not sure of the best method of sewing squares together neatly. This week has been about Hama beads, needle felting, leather i-chord necklaces, friendship bracelets. I'm pretty sure in a past life I was an american camp craft instructor, the lower the fi the better. RAMONA

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