fluff and fold

On Sunday The Intern and I spent some quality mother daughter craft time together at the Etsy Craft Party hosted by Paperlab.co to coincide with the Boyd building's first birthday as a community space. The aim was to make 1000 papercranes over the course of the afternoon - not mean feat given it took me about 10 attempts before I got one right! 

Luckily there were another 100 people working on the same thing. There was a looped dvd projection that provided enough instructional support to my fumble fingers and feeble brain. I don't think we made many more than 10 but that at least is something.

Attending a community craft event is always interesting because all the faces are completely unfamiliar. You get to see how other people respond to making. Some come with friends, some come alone, everyone is friendly and up for a chat. Making stuff is such a unifying experience. RAMONA

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