murphy's law

What do you get when you mix ceramics, jewellery and art? A cracking new show at Pieces of Eight Gallery that's what. We love Pia Murphy's new work. It's got that whole urban tribal thing going on while still remaining elegant and thoughtful. You know the ladies of HML love beads at the moment too!

The name of the show is interesting to: Saccade. Apparently this is the technical term for the fast an involuntary movement of the eye (like just before you take a photo).

We're hoping she has some of her glorious animal sculptures on show too. Remember to get in quick as Pieces of Eight turn their shows over pretty quick these days - which we are in favour of. More more more craft is not enough! RAMONA

Sacccade runs from April 16 - May 25
Pieces of Eight Gallery
18 Russell Place Melb City

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EarthAppleJane said...

Really fabulous necklaces, different and make me want to touch them! Thanks for sharing them with us.