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Natalia Milosz-Piekarska/Katherine Doube and Tessa Blazey/Alexi Freeman

The ladies of HML know a thing or two about the nature of collaboration. It's been a bit of a buzzword the past couple of years, particularly in craft and design circles and we think the latest exhibition at Craft is a kind of zenith collaborative practice.

L2R clockwise:
Dani Maugeri/Milly Flemming, Nicholas Bastin/Matthew Dux and Katerine Wheeler/Polly van der Glas

First up of course is the collaboration between the curators of Signature Style Nella Themelios and Kim Brockett. Pairing up contemporary jewellers with each other and with makers in other disciplines (from dance to garden design) is an ingenious way of getting makers to rethink their own practice and to aim for what Beck always calls the 'Mind Meld' with another creative thinker.

Nina Oikawa/Bridget Bodenham

We fell completely in love with the work by ceramicist Bridget Bodenham and Jeweller Nina Oikawa. Their gorgeous interstellar landscape of glitter encrusted 'rocks' and bejewelled constellation was breathtaking. Both artists signature seemed to disappear into a beautiful vortex to emerge as that mysterious 'third' voice. We love their work as individuals and can only hope that they were as excited by their collab as we were. More please! Special mention should also go to the catalogue which is gorgeously produced by Simon Browne and enriches the viewing. An important show for 2013. RAMONA

Signature Style 
Until April 27
Monday - Saturday
Craft Victoria
31 Flinders Lane
Melb City

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