dream a little dream

Mixmastermax has been suffering from a particularly nasty bout of bad dreams of shape changing monsters and giant cake eating ants (make of that what you will Dr. Lacan) and had heard about 'dream catchers' from one of his kinder buddies. And he desperately wanted one. Once I got over the initial hilarity at the thought of cynical me having to whip up a 'dream catcher'  I silently blessed once again, the loveliest of handmaking mavens Beci Orpin and her brilliant FIND AND KEEP book, knowing that there would be instructions for something that we could both live with inside. 

I dutifully handed the book over to Maxwell to see if he could find what he was after and a couple of minutes later he spotted this beauty (amongst around 20 or so other projects he now wants us to attack) and demanded that we get to work... and seriously, as if I'm EVER going to get between boy and his craft.

After determining that the lace was cool but a spider web would be waaaay cooler, we raided the feather, thread and bead boxes and finally got to work. Max delighted in telling me what should go where, what colours worked well together and what kind of finishing flourishes would be required... then got me to do the ALL the work. Yup. As it turns out he wanted a high quality end result and was happy to employ others more skilled than he to ensure his vision was accurately realised. (um Industrial Designer in the making anyone?)

After taking my usual cursory glance at the instructions - I'm annoyingly similar to the irritating Masterchef contestants who can't follow a recipe - off we went. We got this half of it done in the couple of hours while his brother was asleep and then left it on the kitchen table for another week while we dealt with our usual day to day madness. 

Finally we managed to snatch a couple more hours alone after kinder to finish it and Max proudly hung it next to his bed. He's super happy that we managed to include his favourite home made glow in the dark bead... but ultimately is not so convinced it's catching his dreams. Nevermind... he's still pretty chuffed and makes a point of showing off what 'he' made (you see a pattern emerging here) every time someone visits - including bewildered irish backpackers doing dodgy door to door sales. Next stop, confetti wall and pom pom headdress. BECK


Emma said...

Classic - Irish backpackers!

Beck said...

yup they're constantly trying to give us power boards it's hilarious