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Like many craftspeople, notions of the interior are continually considered by the ladies of HML. Working creatively within a domestic environment is both rewarding and fraught, as anyone who has to take 'breaks' away from the bench to put on laundry, mend toys or make dinner will attest. And the idea of private space for anyone with children, especially those of the pre-school variety is a kind of mythical nirvana only spoken about in glossy magazines. Both of us have often dreamed of the wood lined studio yurt in our backyards so this new exhibition featuring works by Kyle Banyard, Sarah CrowEST, Georgia Perry and Terry Williams kind of blew our minds. Curated by Craft's Debbie Pryor, Magic Mountain explores the notion of spacial and interior design, domestic decoration and the psychology behind creating personal or private space via a series of wooden 'huts'. 
The compulsion to 'decorate' is one we both feel keenly, and much of our craft practice both formal and informal has been tied almost symbiotically to this urge. Clearly we are not alone. Georgia Perry's tribal cubist geodesic entry arch set the scene and totally had us wanting to run home and start printing up an old school Queen Latifiah Mu-Mu. IT IS JUST SO GOOD. 
Regular readers will know that we are massive fans of Arts Project Australia, so we were particularly happy with the inclusion of Terry Williams. Again we were so inspired by his painted exterior - a colour and pattern explosion reminiscent of both baroque silk tapestry and pub carpet, and his interior soft sculptures of broken fridge and decaying contents were both hysterical and tragic. 

But for mine it was Sarah CrowEST's linen draped hut housing the star of the show that won the day... Obviously I'm a massive sucker for a swathe of raw linen and ceramics but it was her deft handling and light touch on far darker imagery that completely won me over. I kept thinking this could either be the space of a rainbow glittered unicorn or Satan worshipping, textile loving serial killer... or any combination thereof. The accompanying ceramic stalagmite tables and objects are complete genius and now totally on my must have list. 
Brilliant work by all the artists and a major achievement for curator Debbie Pryor. A must see. BECK
18 Jan – 2 March 
31 flinders lane Melbourne.


Saskia said...

God this looks good. Very glad it's still showing. I'm there. Beautifully-written review too Beck.

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