boxed in

The rather unappealing poplar box trio was picked up on sale for $1. The original intention was to paint them as a set for desk storage but once I worked out their individual uses I had to break up the band. The little blue one is now a small gift filled with nice miscellany for my first birthday friend of 2013

The middle one is now glitter glue storage (yes I do require glitter glue storage, sad but true) of course the one meant for me is the one I like the least. But the glitter is now safely tucked away.

Thom is always in need of storage as he is a candidate for the new show Mini Hoarders. You can tell just how seriously he takes these little projects. I've worked out there is nearly always at least one step he can manage on his own really well so when it's finished he has a sense of ownership over the object. He painted his grey and chose the comic strip paper. It's now home to street signs and wooden folk. As you can tell it is a very slow crafty start to 2013! RAMONA

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