knit two together
I am your exotic bird (2012)
There are usually two or three shows a year that literally take my breath away and I think this is definitely one of them. Currently showing at the Anita Traverso Gallery in Richmond is the new work by textile artist Tracy Potts.

My Beautiful Wife (2012)

Her combination of knit, crochet, stitch, appliqué and paint feels really fresh and wholly original. There is something really sophisticated about the work but still honouring its definite craft roots.

Something Told Me It Was Over (2012)
 As amazing as the images are they are nothing compared to the real thing. Something about the surface texture, the attention to detail and composition puts me in craft/art heaven. This show runs until the 24th of November and is an absolute must see.

74 Brilliant Suggestions (2012)
 I was so inspired by this work, and for me that is rare. Idf I could have taken the whole lot home I would have. ok enough. cannot speak. so good. RAMONA


tracerapotts said...

Hi Ramona, Trace here - I've been tickled pink all day about what you have written about my work, thankyou SO much!


Ramona said...

Tracy your work blew me away, you are an amazing talent. congrats on a great show!

librarygirl said...

gorgeous - the year 12 is going to a heap of interviews this week for textile courses - she wants to check this show out. thanks for the link, Ramona x