clockwise: Maria Vanhees, Sony Manning, Jane Sawyer
This past weekend saw Spring spring on us in all its glory here in the northern hemisphere. A drive to Montsalvat in Eltham to see an extraordinary ceramics show was in order, especially combined with a fathers day picnic and frolicking in lovely parkland. 45 ceramicists, curated by Anna Mass of Skepsi Gallery fame - high quality stuff.
Jeff Mincham
I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous this Jeff Micham bowl is, like a patchwork quilt, an abstract painting, farmland fields = wanty! shame I didn't have $3800. I need to find something small of his to take home with me because really every time I see his work I swoon.
L2R: Janetta Kerr Grant, Dean Smith, Phil Elson
I'm lucky enough to already own 3 beautiful Janetta Kerr Grant pieces which are among my favourites but really I probably need more. The truth is if I was wealthy enough I would love to be a serious ceramics collector! The breadth of work on display was quite staggering and Monstsalvat is a beautiful albeit out of the way venue. The show runs until the 16th so if you feel like a drive it's well worth it. RAMONA


Shannon Garson said...

Ramona, I'm praying that you win the lottery so you can become Australia's premier collector of contemporary ceramics and open your own gallery!

Ramona said...

Shannon that is my dream! You would feature in that collection too I can assure you