breaking the mold

I finally got my hand on some Martha Stewart's Crafter Clay yesterday and let me tell you this stuff is weird.It's not really like clay at all, it's feather light and virtually idiot proof. My kit had clay in white and primary colours, a couple of tools, silicon molds and a cool color mixing chart.

This is a great clay for kids to play with. It's more like a rubber when it dries, very lightweight and easy to mix. It air dries overnight and is pliable and strong. They have some amazing demos on the website of what to do with the little creations 

I've always loved kits as you know, I also love molds! When I was eight I went through a crazy plaster mold phase. My mother still has a couple of stellar examples of my wonky work.I made some little matchbox gift boxes to tuck in Christmas stockings (21 weeks to go crafters!)

My wreath only measure 20cm across
I also made a little august door wreath which is very sweet. Nothing compared to the one Martha made on her show tho! The easiest way to order this stuff is from the usa, the EK SUCCESS site only charged me $5 for postage which proved to be far cheaper than the Aus equivalent.

Martha 1/Ramona 0
I ordered some more this morning. I think I need a bit more practice don't you? RAMONA

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Saskia (1=2) said...

Wow Ramona. Your wreath is beautiful! Perfect for Spring. I reckon Santa would be pretty rapt to see that on your front door too. I also went through the crazy molding phase when I was younger - fimo giant watermelon ear-rings were my proudest moment.