Tomorrow there is something very exciting happening over at North City 4. One of our favourite alternative media specialists Pennie Jagiello is holding a jewellery making workshop called Message in a bottle. Using man-made flotsam and jetsam Pennie has collected at various beaches over the years, this workshop will "unleash the creative potential of upcycling" and promises to be both enlightening AND fun.

Apparently, aside from ending up with a gorgeous neckpiece, there will also be little pass the parcel with your work, a perhaps controversial, but brilliant idea we think. We really, really, REALLY wish we could be there but unfortunately a plague is upon both our houses so the only plastic bottle action we'll be getting will be incessantly emptying orange juice into cups for our moaning house patients.

There are only two seats left at the table people at this equal opportunity workshop open to experienced peeps and non makers alike. There's even a discount for Craft Victoria members. So make it snappy and book yourself in. Who knows Sting might even turn up. BECK

Message in a Bottle
Saturday June 16 10-4pm
61 Weston Street. Brunswick
t: 9380 6647
$175 including materials, $157.50 for Craft Members
book here 

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northcity4 said...

Sting! Now there's an idea.