Project of the Week


Well I am crazy for kits, I don't think there is any big secret there. Being a self taught crafter I like to have all my instructions, tools and materials delivered to me in one pretty package - preferably in the mail (am I the only one on first name basis with the aus post parcel guy? Shout out to Mr Chen!). Once I have the techniques down I can go off on my own, but I start out by treating kits as if they were a mini class.

I've been playing around with stencils this week from three different sources. The first being my Martha Stewart stencil kits. These are supercool in that they cling to the surface so the stuff up rate is pretty low. MSC have also developed a new paint that goes on anything and stays there. After 3 weeks any porcelain or glass that's been painted is dishwasher safe.

I picked up a couple of two dollar glass bowls and a square vase from Ikea and spent the afternoon spottifying (technical term there) and prettying in a mindless but mindfull manner. Sometimes it's good to craft and switch off at the same time. Beck's birthday week is coming up, I see spots in her future (in a good way not a pox way)

Tomorrow I'll share my adventures in textile stencilling....eek. Ramona

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