This time last week a friend of mine had her second baby. The above bunny was made for her first three years ago. I thought it might be fun to do a line up of bunnies I've made since then. DO be kind dear HML readers, as I am not a very proficient sewer! What I lack in skill and speed I make up for in love.

I made this spotty eared fella for Beck's darling second bub who I am renaming Sunshine as that is what he is, you have never met a happier baby.

Of course Max had to have one too - pink of course, his favourite colour. I actually think this is the best one I've made.

The lovely Donna at RRR received this very chic linen one for her first bub.

And now yesterday I whipped up this spotty fella for a brand new young man. It was not my intention to always make these bunnies but they are so so easy! You can find the pattern here. I was thinking yesterday I should knit up some little vests and scarves, perhaps do some ornately embroidered ears, little leather shoes maybe? yes you can see if you look at all of them I make the same mistake with the ears every time (not folded or pinned sufficiently!). So glad babies are gentle critics. RAMONA


Saskia said...

Love the pink one too. He's seriously ace. And strangely hypnotic.
And your sewing looks lovely - I prefer hand-made things to actually look a bit hand-made. They're so obviously stuffed with love. We have a growing family of hand-made creatures here - they're not a patch on yours but my boys love them.

id cards said...

They're so cute ♥ I love plushies like these. I think they're waaay nicer than the store bought ones that look like they have furr and all.

photographer australia said...
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