Books of the Week

Neither a borrower or a lender be

I have been spending an unusual amount of time in libraries the past couple of weeks. We all seem to be members of different ones (near work, near school, near coffee). I'm fairly impressed with how many new craft books seem to be hitting the shelves as it gives me a 'try before you buy' opportunity which my credit card is grateful for. Only three of these were any good, a couple of them were appalling (cute potholders? For goodness sake) and one will be bought (the Fassett quilt book is amazing and inspiring).

I also loved the 'Sweet Treats in Cross Stitch'. Part of the Made in France series this one felt very fresh and pretty with not-too-easy projects and lots of good charts at the back of the book. In the spirit of our craft book challenge I'm going to do the little baby bottle cover as a gift for a new bub. Better get onto it to avoid late fees.

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