I should be so lucky

Oh My... while trawling the internet this week in a concerted bout of procrastination I happened upon someone so awesome I can't believe I didn't know about her already . Lucky Jackson is an illustrator/embroiderer like no other. I have never seen anyone nail facial expressions in thread with the mastery of Ms. Jackson. From Hugh Grant's infamous Mug Shot to Luke Wilson's Richie Tennebaum, Tim Gunn's knowing twinkle to Iggy Pop's ancient abs her 365 embroidered sketches are totally AMAZEBALLS (yes I just said amazeballs)

The more I looked, the more gobsmacked I became. Ramona is similarly hooked. Honestly this woman is a freaking genius. Do yourselves the proverbial and check her out. Then just try to stop yourself from saying amazeballs... I dare you. BECK


Anonymous said...

You got me. Amaze balls

Saskia said...

Oh my god. Great find. They're all my secret, geeky loves! A Tennenbaum, Iggy, GhostWorld... It's like a stitched window into my mind. I need one.

Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

That warrior piece is really cool!