Gift of the week

Let me call you sweet heart
We don't usually do 'romance' as such at ours, we're more likely to express our affection by wearily making each other a beverage at sparrows whatsit as we attempt to attend to the small people making havoc around the house. It's not that we don't like it, just that it's not our natural habitat. Truth be told I'm always a bit jealous of Ramona's ease with the romantic gesture. So imagine my surprise when I sent a link to a special Rob Ryan Valentines limited edition print to the in house architect and promptly received a "you know we should buy this for ourselves to make up for all the valentines and anniversary dinners we haven't had". GOBSMACKED. So next thing you know a box from St. Jude's prints arrives all the way from Merry England and inside is this. Most amazingly perfect sentiment for two shy and not overly demonstrative but still incredibly in love people EVER. What's even better is that Mr. Ryan made three versions of the print so fellas who like fellas and ladies who like ladies were not left out. Take note Abbot and Gillard, would that you also be so inclusive. BECK

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