best laid plans

OK so Ramona only got one of her four proposed projects done in January. And she got it done beautifully. I am in awe. As for my own efforts... well let's just say my intentions were a lot better than the actual outcome and perhaps leave it at that. Except I can't because having proposed the idea of the monthly Craft Book Challenge I really should be bringing more to the party but there you have it. I promise to do better this month. And no that's not what I made in January above, its's the brilliant op-shop find that initially inspired my January selection of gingham cross stitch craft. After I searching through my collection of embroidery books and found The Colour Book of EMBROIDERY by Jane Simpson...

Which contained the instructions to create this fabulous little number (the apron not the chair, although I like the chair too) Which I then thought I might whip up for Maxwell to do his Friday baking in. And before you ask yes pink is his favourite colour and yes he does like to wear an apron and yes we usually bake something on a Friday. We like a routine.

However as previously mentioned life intervened. Leaving me with these little cross stitch coasters as my humble offering to the craft book gods -  and a little handmade gesture to add to my brother's breakfast set birthday gift package.

I guess I should be happy I actually got anything made given the circumstances, and I will admit that now that I'm sitting here looking at them they are making me smile. Going through the process has reminded me how much I enjoyed making stuff, and how quick it is to do this kind of embellishment. So maybe I can file this away in the "to be continued" pile, and get him a matching tablecloth or runner finished in time for Christmas. BECK


librarygirl said...

I am CRAZY about cross stitch on gingham. Cannot resist a little tablecloth if I see one in an op-shop.
I have 2... or is it 3?
White on green and red on black, that I can recall...

victoria said...

They are excellent! I like your commentary on making them and the whole concept of the challenge.
Yes, I agree with librarygirl, cross stitch on gingham tablecloths are irrisistable in opshops, I have a few too.