Project of the weekend

Sheltered workshop

When it's hot and it's Sunday I'm not up for much. I need a mindless cheery low-fi craft with a nice sense of achievement at the end and not much brain power expended. I'd put the desk organiser kit before christmas and hadn't bothered to even look at it. Perfect project for dealing with all the bits and bobs that end up on the kitchen bench. It's a little gaudy I know and it will probably last about a summers length. It was fun. RAMONA


librarygirl said...

Beck this comment is for your breakfast blog but the word ver. is playing up and won't let me post over there so am commenting here instead:

I saw the last 10 mins of NG and thought it was cringey. The bit I saw was like a Dolly magazine romance novel. Um - was it written by a teenage girl?
I feel too old and cranky for this stuff.

In other news, I am loving your breakfasts from afar, but am so limited in my own breakfasts ( oats-fruit-milk or Pen's chaff when I was given some of that!) but I think I will make some of your beauties for special weekend efforts.

Ramona said...

Maybe we are too old for NG? I dunno, my 17 year old daughter finds it offensive and refuses to watch it. she is being raised as a total anarcho feminista!