Little project of the week

Put a bird on it

My lovely friend B gave me a little nests worth of bird related gifts for Christmas this year. One was a lovely linen tea towel. B was very dismayed when we discovered there was a flaw (about to become a hole) in the material. I still loved it, (and I love B even more) so I decided to make the flaw a feature. I chain stitched around it then stretched the tea towel onto canvas. My friend B gave me this art work for Christmas - isn't it sweet? RAMONA


Judi said...

what a fantastic idea....to turn a flaw into a feature.....if only we could do that with every flaw!

Naughty shorts! said...

I love this. I have just invested in a bonnie and Neil floor pillow, and I have been searching for similar screened birds on linen to make my own pillows and wall art to match. Do you think you could find out where this pretty bird hails from? Bec x

Ramona said...

Dear Bec, it is, in fact, a Bonnie and Neil tea towel! Lucky duck with the floor cushion, love their shadowboxes too!