first day of the week


Can you believe it? Brand new year! The ladies of hml are looking forward to a craft packed summery start to 2012. This is the perfect time to just relax, slow down in the heat (or chill depending on your hemisphere) and work on little projects that bring you happiness. We never start on big projects in January. Sometimes a little paper wreath for the front door is all that's needed.

Ps. Inspired by Beck's 2011 365 project of documenting her breakfast, I'm doing dinner. Everyday I cook for 5 people between the ages of 3 to 69. The family dinner may seem like an odd thing to document and to share but I'm interested in how, over time, it will build a narrative of family life. Don't worry I'll include my culinary disasters, bad takeaways and dodgy desserts so it might be entertaining for you.
It's on a separate blog called 365 dinnertime. If you like to check it out please do!


sean the prawn said...

Thanks for those pretty pictures. Have a great 2012.

Beck said...