Caravan of Love

I have to admit I'm no camper. Beck tried to convince me it was a good idea once, which resulted in me abandoning my new tent in the wilderness two days before schedule - her lovely husband desperately trying to pack up my camping accoutrements before I made my mad dash back to civilization (we call in the doomed camp of 2005). If we could shrink ourselves down and travel in the style of these fabulous caravans spotted in the craft Victoria window then we may have stood a better chance! This gorgeous collaboration between artist Sue deGennaro and a group of Artplay kids have created these gorgeous collaged ply caravans that look like a dreamy music festival campground. Rumor has it they look amazing at night!

you can find out more here
And you see more of Sue's work here

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Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

They are a bit cute!!
I travel in a caravan regular and have quite a thing for them...there something endearing about a tiny house on wheels