Project of the Week

60 days to go!

Ok peeps is it ok if I indulge my passion for Christmas now? Surely with only 9 weeks left to go you can tolerate some of my seasonal good cheer? Beck and I have already laid plans for some handmadelife product and are mentally planning our respective family menus (mine involve turkey, hers tofurky!)

For both the ladies of HML Christmas is a much loved time of year. Despite the stresses and strains that the season brings Beck loves the pomp and I love the ceremony. We admit it's mainly because christmas is the ultimate handmade season. I started making bits and bobs as early as June (insane I know!) but the big push in the gift dept begins in earnest now. I seem to have a lot of woody things to decorate this year, a change from more textile or food based gifts of the past 3 seasons.

Today I decorated these sweet little elephant bookends for my friend Rueben age 1.5.
I know everyone bangs on about not making or giving friends and their offspring gifts and just doing a family Kris Kringle but both Beck and I unashamedly love the excess of the occasion. Anyway Rueben is super cool and this a good excuse to make him something! RAMONA

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