Unless you've been under the proverbial rock for the last ten years you would be all be familiar with what has become as daily a habit as our morning coffee - Michi Girl and by extension the illustrative work of Kat McLeod . As it happens Ramona and I were both present at the Michi Girl launch at Craft Victoria all those years ago, and Ramona is now a part of the extended Michi reporter family so we feel particularly close to her, besides she's a ginger like me with a smart mouth and a love of fashion - so what's not to love. It's also a very special birthday for Michi - yup... she's reached double figures.

Aside from a raft of giveaways and special anniversary surprises coming up on site, the first cab off the birthday rank is an exhibition of Ms Mcleod's publication work for Michi at none other than Lamington Drive entitled PAGE GIRLS. Expect an array of beautifully drawn and collaged fashionista amongst a crowd of beatifully outfitted and accessorised fashionistas - all celebrating ten years of must haves, quick quips and weather reports. Most definately 'Do' of the week. BECK

Read more about Kat here: http://thedesignfiles.net/2008/11/interview-kat-macleod/

20 October - 19 November
Lamington Drive
15-25 Keele Street
Collingwood, VIC.

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