plastic fantastic

Spoiler alert... if you happen to be the owner/creator behind Cottage Industry AVERT YOUR GAZE, well at least until I get to Gertrude street in an hour or so.

Ms Durston has a habit of hopping off for her birthday each year and really given the option why wouldn't you! As such I am always playing catch up with the gift giving. Thankfully over the last few years I've been lucky enough to happen across a collection of very special handmade wonders that usually make up in craft points what they've lost in tardiness. This year I believe is no exception, combining three of our lady of craft's favourite themes: vintage flower prints, clever stitchwork and plasticated utilitarian three dimensional object d'weird. I think she'll love it.

While I was hunting clearly the op-shop gods were smiling as I also found something for me ,which of course makes the first find all the sweeter.

Really for a log-lady loving lady could this print be more perfect?

and just because ITS TOO FREAKING GOOD (yes I am shouting) here's a close up of that moose call... now I just have to convince the in-house architect that it deserves some wall space amongst the 'real' art. BECK

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