Books of the week

Poetry and stitches

I've been so lucky lately. I have received quite a haul of gorgeous books for my recent birthday. One of which is just so mega amazingly wondrous it will get it's own post next week. It's a book so special Im actually giving it it's own shelf! In the meantime I can recommend any of these texts for inspiration and Ideas.Miss P recently came back from an annual sojourn in Tasmania and brought back a gorgeous limited edition book of 10 island writers and crafters along with a whole pile of goodies for me from MONA. The book is just lovely and I have read it cover to cover. The other tomes are some great boy focussed DIY sewing books and a crazy Japanese embroidery book. Aren't we all suckers for those Japanese craft books? Are they useful at all? Probably not but lovely nonetheless! RAMONA

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