Denim on Denim

Ramona and I headed off to see the Denim show at Mr Kitly, yes can you believe I finally got out of the house! Denim features some of our local and international favourites all tinkering around in their own particular way with one of our favourite fabrics. Have to say we were impressed with much of the work on show, a sea of indigo refashioned via weaving, knitting, shredding and coiling, beaded, embroidered, and stuffed  from jewellery to miniture cowboy jeans.


And while we were a tad disappointed there wasnt a bedazzle in sight, as you can see it's well worth a look.

While I was there I was mesmerised by the gentle spinning of this work... so I couldnt help but get the iphone into movie mode and take some footage. And ok so it's not really a 'movie' per se, and much more amateur than auter but its still kind of spooky in a blair witch kind of way? oooh new sub-genre Craft Horror!

We were even lucky enough to catch curator Dell Stewart in the house when we arrived - showcasing these killer rockin rodesque tartan tights on the best legs in melbournes art scene partnered with a Durston original made from you guessed it... denim. BECK


Emma said...

I like to think that I inspired Dell on the tights front, as she commented favourably on my tartan legs at the Denim opening! YAY TARTAN

librarygirl said...

I loved the denim show. Nice little gallery space, too.