Timmy time!

As is so often the case the title of this post has bugger all to do with the actual content, and more to do with an uncontrollable urge to coin bad puns, and anyone without a child under five will be scratching their head and thinking "what the?" right about now while those of you with children will be singing along with the theme song in your heads. Apologies up front, I assure you the actual focus will more than make up for the pad wordplay.

German artist and illustrator Sabine Timm makes great things from found things, and has a wicked way with a brush. I dont' seem to be able to get get enough of her at the moment and a visit to her flickr stream has become a daily ritual - I find her work goes very nicely with crumpets and your morning coffee. Lovely stuff.

Those of you who are cashed up despite the looming GFC MK 2 can also buy a small selection of her paintings from  Sebastian Foster gallery in Texas... given the US ecconomy at the moment i'm sure they'd be happy to ship anywhere. BECK

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