Lucky Star

This weekend we're having a party for my neice at our place - this is especially special because its her first one with us in Australia. Just like her Mum and Auntie Beck she's an avid crafter, although it's fair to say she's far more talented than both of us put together.

So aside from the Brunetti's birthday cake, hot pink sneakers and matching scooter that were requested as birthday booty I've also put together this box of super craft supplies with her name on it. Literally.

I've used this excellent free name plate from supremely talented Canadian illustrator Helen Dardik to make sure no-one else (MAX, CHARLIE TAKE NOTE!) gets their greasy pawn on her stash. Helen has also very generiously supplied  birthday invitations, christmas gift tags and bookplates over on her blog Orange You Lucky which are equally awesome. Thanks Helen, and Happy Birthday Miss Anna. BECK


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh how adorable, have a super gorgeous party!! Love Posie

Beck said...

Great gift idea! I''m sure she'll love it. Have fun celebrating x