fly away birdie

You know how it is. Ton's of work to do - making, writing and homekeeping. Dreaded Lurgy nipping at my heels (or in this case throat) friends all ill or in crisis, family cranky and in need of attention. That's the perfect time to do some completely self indulgent crafting right?

Well actually that is right. If there is one thing that Beck and I have learnt - the fun don't stop. There will always be a million things to do so sometimes it helps if you can take an hour out of the day and just noodle about with Mod Podge and paper.

And if the result is something kitsch and silly the more the better, especially when your writing show and grant applications, board papers, artist profiles, building websites, making fabric flowers, cooking pies, changing summer beds to winter ones, toilet training a two year old, supporting a VCE related meltdown, talking on the radio, chairing a meeting, changing beds and doing 15 loads of washing. I didn't include Beck's list - its too long, even for me! RAMONA

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