if a picture paints a thousand words...

Mel Robson

The ladies of HML are both ceramics collectors. There is something alluring about a craft we just cannot do. We dream sometimes of doing a short course and whipping up a dinner set one day but for the moment we'll make do with our Ikea china and our ever growing collections of objects that make us yell at our families (careful! don't touch that!)

Jane Walton

There is a long long history of words on ceramics (think hieroglyphics, ten commandments etc) and there is something to be said for the permanency of text on objects that makes it seem more significant somehow.

Ingrid Tufts

We are looking forward to seeing the words and objects of 8 ceramicists who open up their new show at Pan Gallery this week. Forming Words satisfies on many fronts - for us words nerds and ceramics collectors we are very concerned for the safety of our grocery money. RAMONA

Pan Gallery
142 Weston Street
Brunswick West
show runs 4-24 March


Georgie Love said...

I am the same, I love ceramics. I did a ceramic course last year, thinking I would making beautiful things. All it did was BREAK MY SPIRIT. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Sally as usual hilarious. I fear exactly the same thing hence the inaction on ceramics course. HA HA