All the pretty things

Anyone into craft and design knows that it's as important (if not more) to visit shops as well as galleries to keep up with what's happening on the professional handmade scene. The ladies of HML have long had a hankering to visit Mr Kitly in Sydney Rd as this little shop of treasure has already garnered quite the rep for ceramics, jewellery, wood and macramé (!) sourced locally and from Japan - it's main source of inspiration.

So while on my epic Saturday gallery jaunt I made sure I had time to climb the carpeted stairs to see what all the fuss is about. Let me tell you it's one of those places that photos don't do it justice. It's so gorgeous. I mediately thought "If Beck was a shop she'd be this one" it tapped into so many of our shared passions - macramé being one of them of course!

Beautifully curated selection of goods, including some drool worthy design books.

These wooden vessels are going on my wish list right now. Perfect for HML meetings!

And of course I went a little faint at the sight of the Fog Linen napkins. Oh goodness me...

It's exciting to find something really fresh and authentic. There was nothing contrived or cutesy. The sweetness was tempered with intelligent choices that just sang. Close to perfect! RAMONA
Mr Kitly
381 Sydney Rd
Open Thurs-Sat 11-6, Sun 11-4


Emma said...

I have been meaning to ascend the stairs too, but I am always with pram, might have to leave the small girl at home and - oh my, go out WITHOUT her!
I love the idea of a shop representing a person, your comparison has given me an extra perspective on Beck, I wonder what shop I would be?
At the moment it would be a shop with a comfy chair to watch West Wing and knit in unencumbered by household gastro.


Dear Emma, not such a great place for little ones but so dreamy and well worth a visit. I wonder what shop Id be too, I think that's for our nearest and dearest to decide! I have to admit I am eating my lunch with an episode of the west wing every day - mum and I are up to the last ep of season six today - only one season to go (mind you we do this every year - all 7 seasons) Hope your tribe is feeling well.

Varia Karipoff said...

all good to check out what's happening though I tend to walk away with something beautiful that I didn't know I needed. eep! Looks like a great shop, will also have to visit them soon