are you recieving me?

Today we'll be back on RRR at 10.30 reporting on the craftiverse with the lovely ladies of The Grapevine. This month sees us reporting on some new-ish shows, spaces and things to do. Including a range of craft classes starting in February in places like the new Harvest Textiles Workroom, Fitzroy's Thread Den and the trusty old CAE that will get you making all manner of hand crafted awesomeness from screen siren glamour garments to pine side tables. Ramona will also be boning you all up on the origins of Valentines Day and why it is such a favourite festivus for hardcore craftists. Yup... you don't want to miss it.


pen said...

'boning you up on valentine's day'???????


That one was especially for you;)

Dog minder said...

Love your show love what you do

How long will yolu be on Air?