a room with a view

The road trips continue this week for the ladies of HML. Going further afield for our craft fix is not such a bad thing when the views look like the ones outside the windows of the Tarrawarra Museum of Modern Art in the Yarra Valley.

Maggie B travelled with me mainly to see the Brett Whitely paintings that the Besen family have generously let the great unwashed view for a fiver. Weirdly enough they seem a little dated to me now, so firmly rooted in the sense and sensibility of 1980's Sydney.

The views out the windows were far more seductive I think.  I love vineyards - so neat and ordered with there rosebushes at the end of each row. 

I was there for a craftier reason - to see 'The Returning to the Jewel is a Return from Exile' - an extraordinary jewellery show featuring  Karl Fritsch, Gerd Rothmann and Melbourne's own Robert Baines - all three considered master craftsmen. 

The Baines neck pieces kind of knocked my socks off. Maggie B and I were considering the possibilities of a smash and grab- yes we were that crazy about them. They were industrial and organic at the same time. Substantial and delicate - looking like lace and steel pylons. Genius at work!

I'm sorry I couldn't capture more photos - security was tight. Which is just as well. This show ends on Feb 20 so if you can make it do! PS - don't eat in the restaurant - its waaaaaay to pricey. Head to nearby Healesville for a lovely lunch. RAMONA

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