heading south

Well everyone is in holiday mode. This means that a lot of galleries, studios and stores around town are either asleep or at the very least dozing, as well they should. The weather looks good this week so we are taking a wee road trip to McClelland Gallery (just outside of Frankston) to check out the sculpture park and the 2010 prize winner Louise paramour's work (above).

We'll be looking at all the work closely and then later on checking out the RMIT media students project online. They have created 'sonic' responses to all the work. I wonder what oversized colourful plastic sounds like?

We'll also be revisiting our favourite work. Homespace by Darren Davison. It's hard to describe this beautiful interactive piece.Let's just say it's like entering into the milky way.

For Melbournians who haven't ventured to McClelland, we know it's a pain in the proverbial to get there but trust us, the coffee is good and the art is even better. Well worth a road trip. RAMONA

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