The ladies of HML have many things in common as do our 2 year old boys who both have a passion for trains. Max is definitely in the Thomas the tank Engine fan club and Womble has wasted many an hour watch You Tube clips of signal crossings (not kidding - Japanese ones are his favourite). So there was no avoiding going to the model railway show last weekend at Phillip Island.

Now I am not a train fan and I have been desperate for Thom to show an interest in something (anything) else, but I think this show sealed the deal for him and perhaps me too. My Beloved also revealed that his father had been an avid model train builder, dedicating an entire room of the house to a complex countryside layout. So for Thom it turns out to be an inherited trait.

I was captivated not by the trains but the model making that surrounded them. Whole villages, mountain ranges, farms, seaside towns. The miniature scenarios playing out, weddings, funerals, holidays. This was something I could really get interested in!

Most magical was the train that circled the circus big top. The ring leader at the centre of the action was fantastic.

I see a trip to Hearns Hobby Store in my not too distant future. RAMONA

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christopher said...

Those pictures are great. Great idea for a story.